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» Friday, June 27, 2008
Certs Walmart
Yes, two, two, two Walmarts in one morning. I went to the one on Powder Springs Road and the East-West Connector, only to still have to stop at the usual one on the Connector and Floyd Road. The first one didn't have the three things I went there especially for: the low-carb whole-wheat tortillas, my favorite flavor yogurt, and the Carb Countdown chocolate milk. Phooey.

Incidentally, the low-carb whole-wheat tortillas we found at Kroger were horrible, dry and papery, with no flavor at all. James made thin-sliced beef last night and we had them in these tortillas. Ugh. $4.19 a package or no, I tossed out the last three. No one should have to eat anything that tastes that bad.

There is a farmer's market on the Square this weekend, from nine to noon. We should investigate.

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