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» Wednesday, June 11, 2008
Beaming Our Way Again
Satellite box is back; UPS delivered it after I had lunch, so I put it aside and set it up after we watched Jeopardy. Of course I had to call up Dish again, because the setup routine simply does not follow the printed instructions. According to the paper that comes with the Dish, you are supposed to make sure you have a satellite signal first, then you are supposed to get a signal to download software, then you call up to activate the box. This is twice, and it hasn't happened. Seems backwards to me, anyway—shouldn't you activate it before you download software to it? Kinda like trying to download the Weather Channel before you get your internet connection set up. Whatever.

Then had to do all the tiresome channel programming again, then going through the programming to get channels to change before new episodes of Animal Precinct, Animal Cops, etc. There is a new version, Animal Cops South Africa, that we completely missed last week.

I still have the antenna set up, though, 'cause I've gotten rather fond of Retro Television.