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» Saturday, May 03, 2008
Not this morning. Hair Day was good.

On the other hand, we tried to get new shades for the bedroom. We had the original ones cut wrong and we used them on other windows, but Lowes only had the cheap shades when I went back to get more. We had to have shades that night to sleep, so I got the cheapies. After two years, they are now developing holes.

Lowes had actually restocked the shades—usually when I go there there are two left—but it's probably why they had so many: the cutter was broken. So we'll have to drive to another Lowes if we want new shades or just wait.

We reformatted the laptop tonight to run Win2000 and the stupid thing won't network with the other computers. It connects to the internet, but it won't see the other two computers. Gah. As I remember, this is one of the reasons we discarded Win2000 in the first place. But I don't think WinXP will fit on the laptop; it only has 6GB on the hard-drive.

But yeah, it does get online, and it does run WordPerfect. Can't have everything.

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