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» Wednesday, May 21, 2008
The Unbearable Lightness of Pants
I did errands on my lunch hour today since I am out of AAA batteries for my wireless mouse. Supposedly the batteries are supposed to last about three months. I'm lucky if the ones I've bought last three weeks. I finally got ahold of some Panasonics, which have worked better before. But methinks I need to go for rechargables. I don't like throwing out so many batteries.

I also picked up some vinegar to do the kitchen drain, but my main purchase was a pair of pants. I wanted something easy to pull on to go bike riding and light due to the summer heat. I noticed last time I was in there that they were selling the "scrubs" that employees wear in hospitals for only $8 each, and the pants had elastic waistbands and were very light. So I bought a pair. Very nice and light indeed. I'll have to buy another.

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