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» Monday, May 26, 2008
Timegate, Day 4, Part 1
I'm once again seated in the lobby, typing on the EEE. James is attending an apocalyptic gaming panel and I decided against the YouTube video panel, instead wanting to catch up blogging since I was so rudely interrupted last night. Across the lobby at the registration desk, John Levene is talking with a guest, and down the steps near the panel rooms, the two "convention dogs" are schmoozing with the humans. There are two of the Stargate folks who always bring their dogs (which is why, I'm sure, they picked a pet-friendly hotel): Sebastian, a little Shetland Sheepdog who usually wears a Stargate vest, and Princess, a vividly blue-eyed Husky. Sebastian looks particularly cute this weekend because he has gotten a "summer cut" from the groomer and looks like a little lion, with his face fully furred and a tassel on his tail and the rest of him with short hair.

If it was breakfast that "done me in" last night, I have had a little "hair of the dog" this morning to see if it is indeed the cause, except I had more cornflakes than oat cereal and foregone the couple of rashers of bacon I indulged in previously.

Still tempted by those About Time books, since I still have bonus money left over...

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