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» Sunday, May 25, 2008
Timegate, Day 3, Part 2
We've just come back from tea. Yes, I know tea is traditionally at four, but it's early here. :-) They had a traditional high tea, with different types of English teas, "biscuits" of various kinds, crustless halves sandwiches and filled croissants, and even sugar cubes and Turkish delight. (I tried the Turkish delight, and it was just as wet as I thought it would's a gel, like spearmint leaves or gumdrops, in fruit-flavored cubes rolled in confectioners' sugar. Edmund sold out his brother and sisters for this? Hold out for dark chocolate, kid...)

Had fun this morning. After the Who science panel, James wandered off and eventually found a card game called "Faerie Haven" to play. I stayed for Louis Robinson's Sherlock Holmes panel. The concept was most basically that Hound of the Baskervilles is unfilmable because nothing film producers can do that can live up to Conan Doyle's description and voice. But we talked of different versions of Holmes, Robinson's encounter with Peter Cushing (and Dave Allen), very briefly touched on House, the stupidity of Nigel Bruce, and many other aspects.

The following panel was about fan fiction, which was also enjoyable. Remarkably, there were quite a few men there. We talked briefly about how some of us missed fanzines (hi Kim!), where to find decent fanfic online (since so much of it is horrible with no paragraphing, grammar or plots), why write, what is said when you write, etc. This and the Holmes panel should have run much longer! :-)

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