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» Thursday, May 29, 2008
Technical Difficulties
Well...snellfrocky. Hangnails. Dirty socks. The satellite box has quit working. It says we have a hard disk error, but it won't even pick up the satellite signal itself. That means three Sarah Jane Adventures and two Doctor Who episodes we haven't seen are toast and at this rate we will miss the ones this Friday as well because UPS won't deliver a new box until Monday. (UPS, of all people! Since I can't even get a laptop out of their damn clutches.) And then we will have to set it up ourselves, after it took the technician an hour to get the original one set up.

Should have known something was fishy when James turned it on this morning and said "Did you have the Smithsonian Channel on for a reason?", because it was on WXIA when we shut it off. I might have DVR'd something last night, but it wasn't supposed to change channels when it recorded.

The phone tech told me to unplug the unit and maybe after it had cooled off for an hour the satellite part might work. Gee. Thanks.