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» Thursday, May 08, 2008
Stormy Weather Approaches
Checked the weather report about ten minutes ago, and the storms coming in from the west were approaching apace, so I dropped everything and took Willow out (probably providential since I checked the radar again when I came in and the storm had moved at least eight miles more south in those ten minutes). Right now it is just high overcast clouds, but the wind has been freshening all day and the trees are tossing, the leaves making soft hissing sounds. Approaching weather like this always makes me think of the "mysterious" background music that used to play during approaching storm scenes in the Timmy episodes of Lassie. (These shows had great background music—you could listen to the stories without setting eye on the screen and know what was going on simply from the dialog and the background music. There was "running for help" music, "danger" music, "morning on the farm" music, "saying prayers" music, "going out to explore" music, "threatening music," and more.) The mystery music had a great woodwind and background strings arrangement; always very spooky, and perfect for today's tossing trees.