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» Saturday, May 31, 2008
Saturday Excursions
Poor Schuyler. This morning we uncovered her and went about our business and she just sat, droopy and sad, deprived of her "teevee." We were going to be out for a while and didn't want to drag the small television out of the spare room, so I found a DVD with multiple episodes on it and put it on for her. How quickly she perked up! Of course, I left her with some millet, too.

We went out to Frys today to get a new case for my laptop. The one we have is overlarge and very heavy. We lucked out just as we walked into the store, as they had one on special, plus I bought a small mouse. James also got a small case for his EEE that will hold the two external disk drives as well. Plus got some more 3-disk DVD holders. We had lunch at the cafe and I had one of their tuna salad wraps. I wasn't very happy with it and only ate half. Later on it made me sick to the stomach and then sent me into the bathroom. This happened last Sunday after I had the wrap at Arbys. Maybe it's the mayonnaise?

Stopped at Trader Joe's as well for popcorn and some more of their wonderful gourmet chicken salad. The mayo isn't overpowering and the currants give it a subtle sweet taste and the almonds a lovely crunch. (And it doesn't bother me, so maybe it isn't the mayo.)

We stopped at Hobby Lobby later on and to my surprise they already have some fall wreaths, garlands, and picks out. Yay! They also have a few Christmas picks and small trees and plain wreaths, too.

We got home just in time for Jack Benny to finish. Schuyler immediately got droopy again, so when we went out the second time to Hobby Lobby and Kroger, I left something running on the computer again. She gave the happiest little chirp and has continued to enjoy sitting with us tonight and watching Star Trek IV and Airplane! (the "Don't Call Me Shirley" edition).

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