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» Sunday, May 18, 2008
Rolling, Rolling, Rolling
After supper we took the bikes around the neighborhood a few times. James still needs to adjust his back brakes and I really must have my handlebars lowered. I don't feel in proper control. I also notice I am having trouble reaching the caliper brakes. I have small hands and this is a pretty wide grip. May have to loosen the mounts and move them up a little.

I didn't expect the years to fall away once I started rolling and miraculously end up back in 1983 and the five-miles-nightly stamina (for one, my knees are definitely cracklier than they were back then!), but started to rain after the third orbit, so we came in. We had a very quick thunderstorm that started the dog barking and got the north and west windowsills quite soaked.

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