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» Sunday, May 04, 2008
The Right Place at the Right Time
It was a leisurely forenoon and early afternoon, as I am still attempting to load things on the laptop. Eudora loaded fine, as did Shockwave, and I only had a minor bobble with the wireless network card, but RealPlayer continues to confound me: Real11 would play on Win2000, so I downloaded and installed Real10.5 at's suggestion, only to have it not play because it couldn't find one file. Urgh.

So we went to Borders and I was not only pleasantly surprised to find Earlene Fowler's Tumbling Blocks on the paperback display (release date is Tuesday according to, but also the May-June Yankee magazine without having to search.

As I looked through the history books, I saw the volume Little Heathens (about kids growing up on a farm in the 1930s), which I have been wanting. I wondered when it would be out in paperback and passed it by.

At the checkout it turned out I had Borders Bucks, so when I used my 25 percent off coupon and a Rewards coupon, the entire purchase was $1.35. I haven't paid that for a paperback book since 1976! :-)

So we went to Costco for milk and had lunch :-) (Costco has the best samples!) and there in the stacks of books was the paperback printing of Little Heathens! Wow.

On the way home we stopped at CVS to see if they had double papers. I'm particularly interested in the sale flyers this week because I need both B-12 and potassium gluconate. Not only did CVS have doubles, but right on the front page of their ad flyer were vitamins buy-one-get-one-free, and they did have both B-12 and potassium gluconate! I prefer 50 percent off to buy-one-get-one because it's less expensive, but thems the breaks...

On the other hand, someone had a really bad day...James was waiting for me to look through the bargain books at Borders when he exclaimed "Oh, my God, there's a bus on fire outside!" I came to stand next to him and sure enough, there on US41 right outside the shopping center a MARTA bus was on fire, not just smoke, but flames coming out of its engine compartment! While I was checking out a soothing female voice came over the intercom: "Just to let those folks know who are parked in the row near the street, there's a bus on fire out there and you might want to move your car. There's just been a small explosion."

We didn't hear anything explode, so James wondered if maybe it was a tire, and by the time we left, the fire department was containing the worst of it; only the acrid smoke remained. Smelled just like the day Tune-Up Clinic caught my Dodge Omni on fire...flashback time...

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