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» Friday, May 16, 2008
The Rest of the Day
• Complete clean out of master bathroom. I can never figure out how it gets so messy. I really am thinking of switching to castile soap if it doesn't leave soap scum. Now if that would also solve the problem of the hard water stains...

• Two loads of clothes finished.

• Cleaned all drains in upstairs bathrooms. Would have done the kitchen sink, but didn't realize until I went after the bottles that I actually had two half gallons of white vinegar rather than one half and one full.

• Rearranged the burgeoning to-be-read pile.

• Watched bits of An Unmarried Woman which I DVR'd last night. I just wanted to see the parts with Lisa Lucas, as I'd only seen her in one other role that wasn't Addie Mills.

• Fixed the summer banner for the front porch. I noticed when I took it down last year that the petals of the sunflower (it's a ladybug on a sunflower) were already frayed. I usually can't keep these seasonable banners more than two years because the sun fades them so badly. (The Thanksgiving, Hallowe'en and Easter banners don't make out so badly because they stay out such a short time.) But I sure didn't want to toss this one after only a year. So I sat down with needles and thread and overstitched the frayed bits. As short a period as took to fix this, it still made me glad I wasn't born back in the days when everything had to be hand-sewn. I always think of all those bits of Little Women where they spend the night sewing...ugh!

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