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» Tuesday, May 20, 2008
Rain Delay
No biking tonight: the tornado sirens were going off before seven o'clock and there were several times I wondered if we would have to trek downstairs. At one point while James was cooking and the sirens were wailing, I went out on the front porch and anxiously watched the low clouds. One looked like it was about to begin swirling but it raced on east instead. The radar showed angry splotches of red all over the city.

Now I'm watching a special about the Adirondaks on WPBA (the Atlanta PBS station rather than the Georgia PBS station) and am annoyed: it's a beautiful special that was shot in widescreen. Unfortunately PBA is framing it in 4:3, so all the text notations are disappearing off the right and left sides and you can't get the full effect of the gorgeous scenery.

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