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» Tuesday, May 27, 2008
Past Times
I am 84 pages into the first volume of About Time and am enjoying it immensely. We are talking an anal-retentive volume here. :-) I have several episode guides to Doctor Who, including single-volume works and then the paperback "Handbooks" for each Doctor, plus the Discontinuity Guide, which lists all the errors, but nothing like this detail. Along with examinations of each episode, there are sidebars about how the BBC operated in the 1960s, how the show was created, who really created the Daleks (one of the early designers of the Daleks was supposed to be Ridley Scott, but he had left the BBC a few weeks earlier to learn how to direct), theories of how the TARDIS works, can you rewrite past history, etc. Wonderful stuff.

We had our bike rides tonight (very difficult tonight, since it was still about 79°F and sticky as hell), the came back to watch Most Outrageous Moments, and now I am watching a marvelous documentary on the Smithsonian Channel in glorious HD, about the different monuments in Washington, DC, which was filmed in the fall, so the color accents the architecture.

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