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» Friday, May 02, 2008
Off and On Again
I said when the temp in the house reached 80°F I would put the A/C on, so I have just done so. The fans did yeoman work, but living upstairs has its disadvantages, and this is one. It's still only in the mid-70s down in the library.

Since I knew it was going to be warm this afternoon I did all my errands this morning; got home before 1:30, which was a first. I bought something we needed at JoAnn, plus a pretty gift to put away, picked up some piroulines for dessert at Linens'n'Things, and grabbed some of those "green bags" at Bed, Bath & Beyond (we talk online with someone who has used them and have been told they actually do work). I then went to Costco to "re-up" and got some of the new generic Prilosec (omeprazole) and some Breathe-Right strips.

I would have liked that to have been the end of the errands, but alas, things were needed at Wally World again. Stopped at the one near Sam's Club, which I keep forgetting is there. They actually did have the small-size low-carb whole-wheat tortillas, so I bought some of those along with the usual yogurt and bananas. Since I had perishables in the car, I passed up the trip to the library; after seeing My Son Jack, I would like to read a biography of Rudyard Kipling.

Had salad for lunch and watched the Paul Revere segment on Chasing History Home. This program is telecast on Treasure HD and visits the homes of famous Americans, from George Eastman to Margaret "Molly" Brown. Naturally, being done in HD, the homes are showed off to the best advantage, but I find the host(ess) irritating. Her name is Cat Greenleaf and she's...well, probably she isn't stupid. She can't be that stupid and host a television show...can she? The creators of the show have tried to make it "light" and not weighted down with ponderous declamations of history, so Greenleaf's approach to her hosting duties are semi-serious. I don't expect ponderous and humor, in small doses, is occasionally welcome. Greenleaf, on the other hand, acts like a middle school student, presumably not the brightest bulb in history class, bouncing around the historical sites. In this one she simpers and teases the curator at the Paul Revere House to allow her to touch things, acts stupid (let's call her a really nitwit Companion allowing the Doctor to do the explanations), and resorts to childish rhyming of the Longfellow poem. This is all done, I expect, to make history "accessible"; unfortunately they appear to think their viewer has the mental capacity of a six-year-old.

Still, the HD presentation wows in every episode, which is why I put up with the "chick light" view of history. If the producers of this show would like to make a slightly more mature multi-part HD history of Boston, I certainly would watch it: the visuals are stunning.

Greenleaf, on the other hand, needs to change colors a bit and fall off the tree.

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