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» Thursday, May 15, 2008
Missing in Motion
I noticed that our Movies/HD channel listing (on the Dish box you can keep up to four "favorites" lists—we have one for the channels we watch regularly, one for movies and HD, one for other channels we watch occasionally, and one for favorite music channels) was looking rather skimpy tonight. It was...a bunch of the channels were just gone: Family Festival, Treasure HD, the animation channnel, and others we never watched. There was a "preview" of the new HD channels, though, and that's when I noticed the little message that said they had removed some of the lower-rated channels to include the HD ones. Well, drat. There goes my chance of ever seeing the Paul Revere or Eleanor Roosevelt Chasing History Home episodes again. And the Family Festival channel used to show Flipper, Thunderbirds and UFO, and occasionally had on really odd movies, like A Feast at Midnight and the Quebec-made Christmas movie North Station.

On the other hand, they'd been showing some of these things for the past two years, over and over again, so it's no wonder folks got tired of them and quit watching.

Looks like we get an MGM movie channel now, too, and a Smithsonian channel.

So where's BBC America in HD already?