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» Friday, May 16, 2008
Green Baggin' It
Time for the usual round of grocery shopping...started out at Kroger with the one Publix bag I had left and my Trader Joe's bag. Since I had coupons I got sugar-free pudding and soap there, plus contributed to my stash of Hallowe'en candy and 3-way light bulbs.

From there I went to Publix since I wanted more of their reusable bags. The Publix ones are the best: large and roomy, with a flap at the bottom that makes them stay open. (Kroger bags are about the same size, but they're $3 and Publix's are only $1. The Trader Joe's bag is quite sturdy but a little smaller than the Publix bag.) Lucked out and found my yogurt on sale cheaper than at WalMart. I checked to see if I kept "lucking out" and they had Quaker oatmeal 2 for 1, but you can't have everything. :-)

(The cashier at Publix asked politely if I wanted to put my purchases in one of the reusable bags. Well, um...yeah. [I can see her point, though. I might be buying them for someone else. As Emma will tell you, there are customers that get huffy over almost nothing.])

Then on to WallyWorld for the rest: oatmeal, "square Kleenex" (our moniker for the small boxes), some marinades that were on sale, bananas (yikes! I should have gotten them at Kroger; they were cheaper), other this's and that's. (And the other; it's a set. <g>) Was quite amused when the cashier and the bagger commented on how much better the Publix bags were than the WalMart bags—there were some right in front of me: smaller and without the rigid bottom. No thanks.

One of the things I did remember to buy was baking soda so I could clean out my wonderful recalcitrant master bathroom sink. It's always clogged. I have tons of Jergens soap left from coupon buys we made many years ago, but I'm thinking of going to castile soap, as Green Housekeeping says it leaves no soap scum, a real plus in my book.

Someone asked in another post how you clean out the drain with baking soda and white vinegar. Here it is: half cup of baking soda down the drain, followed by one cup of white vinegar. You'll get a nice fizzy reaction. When it quits, add a chaser of a kettleful of boiling water. If the sink is going slow, like mine usually is, first you fill it partway with water, then open the drain and pump it out with a plunger. The soap leaves a godawful black sticky gunk in the drain and that all comes up. You drain the sink so the sticky gunk doesn't go back down, wipe it all out with a paper towel and dispose of it, then do the baking soda, etc.

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