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» Thursday, May 01, 2008
From "Down Under"
I have put in an order for an Australian DVD.

Actually, the movie is American; it's just never been released to DVD here, never been rerun on television, and the VHS copy sells for around $50 if you can actually find it on E-bay. It's called Cooperstown, starring Alan Arkin and Graham Greene, and it was broadcast originally about fourteen years ago. It's an experience I remember with frustration because both times I tried to record it, TBS did not air it at the time TV Guide said it would be on. The first time it began late, so I missed the end, the second time it began earlier, so I missed the beginning (had I recorded it on two different tapes, I'd have a copy now). All I remember is that I loved it, and the only place to find it is in Australia, so I'm taking the chance.

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