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» Thursday, May 29, 2008
Birds and Boxes
So it's lunchtime, and yes, the satellite box is toast. I've unplugged it twice for over an hour, it's come back on for about ten minutes, then shuts off. I don't see why, if the hard disk is bad, the signal in doesn't don't need the hard disk to watch the television! Stupid.

Anyway, for lunch, I put on one of my Rick Steves disks; am watching the Oslo/Bergen segment now. I would have been done with it by now, but I heard frantic baby bird cheeping outside and looked out the window to see a juvenile cardinal, brown, but with his red feathers just coming in on his wings and spots on his body, begging for seed and his harassed-looking father feeding him! I grabbed the camera and got a bunch of photos of "dad" feeding the kid. The male kept getting huffy because a bewildered-looking dove kept getting between him and the fledgeling. (Well, he looked bewildered, but then doves always look bewildered.)

Speaking of birds, you should hear Schuyler calling to the Norwegian birds in the background!

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