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» Thursday, May 29, 2008
Awww Factors
I'd just finished an order and decided to call both UPS and Lenovo and give them a piece of my mind (this time Lenovo told me everything had been delayed because of Memorial Day, which, in the customs case, is probably true). However, I was still steaming and decided to step out on the deck for a couple of minutes and fill the bird feeder. As I opened the door, I noticed one of the brown-headed nuthatches sitting on one of the arms of the feeder holder. I expected him to fly away the moment I stepped out on the deck, so was astonished as he held his ground, keeping so still I thought he was dead until I saw him blink, as I took the few steps to the deck, moved the chair between me and the feeder, and came right up to him. I extended my hand and it wasn't until my finger was a half-inch from his tiny body—he's smaller than Schuyler!—that he flew away with a "Yeep!" Too cute.

I am soothing my "savage beast" with Christmas music. On right now is a CD I received with a book or something else. Full orchestral treatments, in classical style, of songs, including "Jingle Bells," which made me grin.

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