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» Friday, May 30, 2008
All This and Laptops, Too
Yeah, guess what arrived at James' desk about two hours ago. Evidently UPS figured they had scanned it enough. He's charging it up and giving it a name for the network and all that. Tonight I can load WordPerfect and Eudora and mIRC and all that other useful stuff on it, since I can't watch television. (Well, I can, television...shudder...)

Spent an extraordinary amount of money just stocking up at WalMart and BJs. However, I did buy a couple of clothes and a new ironing board cover at WallyWorld (the old ironing board cover was 24 years old; I think it's seen enough) and a nice pack of boneless pork ribs at BJs for Sunday dinner from the crock pot. I think I got everything...LOL. Oh, yeah, and there was the $47 to fill the car...and I was only down to a quarter tank. Thank God for teleworking!

Now that everything's put away, I'm watching the second disc on the "Disneyland" Treasures box, "The Golden Horseshoe Revue." Ed Wynn is performing...still funny. It's the full show from Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color, complete with Walt's intro and the wonderful Sherman brothers' "World of Color" theme.

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