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» Thursday, April 24, 2008
Yule Need Relief
Work is so aggravating at the moment—part of it involves accounting, which figures—that I'm reduced to playing instrumental Christmas music to make myself relax. It's what I do when I'm either ticked off or depressed.

At lunch I slipped out for a half hour to get some cash at Publix to pay the lawn guy. I bought something new for dessert: one-serving puddings. I thought we might try to mix flavors with the milk you add to make different tastes (I thought I might add milk with coffee syrup in it, for instance, to make a mocha pudding). I also bought five reusable bags. This won't help at WalMart, where we often use up to fifteen to twenty bags, but it could be useful for Publix or Kroger trips. We already have a Trader Joe's bag. I don't feel as guilty about using plastic bags because we always recycle ours (to those who recommend paper bags: you evidently live up north or out west where paper bags don't frequently hold roach eggs or other delightful insect babies), but it will be good to have reusable bags for smaller loads.

(They had some "green hints" on Today this morning and I kept nodding as they ticked them off: wash in cold water! I've always done that, and I bought a front loader for the purpose of saving water. Use concentrated detergent! Well, yes, again for years. Use compact fluorescents! The whole downstairs has compact fluorescents. I won't allow them upstairs because the light gives me migraines. But I'm the one who goes around shutting off lights; James claims I want to live in a cave. My parents grew up during the depression; I never got used to anything over a 75 watt bulb. It was only after I left home and Mom had her cataracts out that she started using brighter bulbs. Use recycled water to water the lawn! Honey, if God wants my lawn to grow, He can water it Himself. I keep the lawn cut and have someone tend to the weeds; the rest is up to Him.)

Got home in time to eat my Fresh2Order leftovers along with watching the rest of Rick Steves' Europe. One meal at Fresh2Order and I got three out of it; I call that a deal.

Oh, and someone's moving in next door...