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» Thursday, April 17, 2008
What Day Off?
We both had taken today as a vacation day, toying with going up to Helen a day early, but...sleeping on those beds an extra back ached just thinking about it—we love Unicoi, but we basically sleep on the equivalent of a big padded board and the beds at the lodge are just so soft to us!

In the end it was good we didn't because we had our Homeowners Association meeting tonight.

We did get to sleep late, then it was off to the post office, to the cleaner, a bit of a respite at the hobby shop, a trip to Harry's Farmer's Market, then down to Costco for James to get gas, then home. Cleaned out my car after loading jackets into washer, then we took the car to the car wash. I did rinse off my car last year after the pine pollen receded (this was before the total watering ban), but otherwise it hasn't been washed since my mom's funeral.

I had James ride the car through the car wash. When we took the car through the car wash before my mom's funeral, I had a full-blown claustrophobia attack. Yes, in the car I drive everyday. It was...scary. I wasn't going to do that again.


Then we filled the car up, then we went to BJs for milk...then we finally got to come home and I could put all the stuff back in the car. From there we only had an hour, during which I started to pack, before we went out to supper (we had a coupon for Ted's Montana Grill) and then to the Association meeting.

During the hour we were home, I picked up Schuyler's cage and carried her about the house and even out on the porch. It was very hot out front and the sun and heat rather overwhelmed her; she was panting when I got her back in. But she recovered quickly.

I really, really should have been doing this sort of thing for the past few weeks, although we have been shifting the cage to sit next to us a couple of hours a night since she can't come out on her own to socialize with us. She seems to like that a lot. I'm a bit freaked about tomorrow, but she has to see the vet sometime no matter what. Maybe Dr. Karolyn can give me some insights.

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