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» Sunday, April 06, 2008
Weekend Workings
Man, it's been a busy two days. We were going for seven hours yesterday and over five today.

We started out yesterday by taking a package and a piece of mail to the Post Awful. The former was the craft project I was working on yesterday, now on its way to its new owner, and the latter was important as well: I finally found a copy of Addie and the King of Hearts and am sending for it.

Then we went to Red Lobster for lunch; we hadn't been in a while and it was so grey and damp we figured a nice cup of clam "chowda" would do. From there we stopped at Michael's and then went to the hobby shop.

From there we went to the Barnes & Noble at Town Center. We were trying to find the April issue of an air magazine that had a story about the Steve Canyon DVD set on it. It was supposed to be out until May, but we could only find the next issue. We also went to JoAnn, and then, on the chance that Books-a-Million might still have the April issue, went there. Then we had to go by two different Krogers to get all the things we needed, since the first was out of sugarless pudding and we'd forgotten to get pineapple.

We also made a stop at Lowe's for HVAC filters and other items, so it was quite a bit of running around.

Last night was our first HD/HDMI view of Torchwood, last week's that we missed and this week's. Quite nice; will be interesting to see it on HDNET Monday night.

We had lunch at Ted's today because we had a coupon and Sunday's Blue Plate special is their turkey and dressing, which is quite good (well, I don't like the dressing all that much, but the turkey is great and so are the potatoes as well as the tomatoes I had on the side). We also stopped at Lowe's for wild bird seed and then went on to the mall. We were going to have a good walk around the mall and I was planning to stop at the different glasses' places to see the frames and the prices. (I also wanted a good walk because the arthritis in my right shoulder has been acting up pretty badly since last night. I had three Advil and lay down for a little while this morning, but it didn't help much. I thought a nice walk swinging my arms gently might help to loosen up the muscles and the joints.) I hadn't intend to buy today, but VisionWorks had a set of frames I liked as well as a twofer special, and their eye exams were walk in. I was seen by a Dr. Roberts and then in almost a trice was ordering the glasses. I got titanium frames, a bit smaller than mine are now, but not those really narrow ones that I dislike so much, and ultralight lenses like last time in the hope that it will decrease the pressure on the bridge of my nose.

We finished up by going to Costco and then picking up a paper.

Somewhere along the line last night or this morning I found myself quoting a line from From the Earth to the Moon, so we are watching that right now. The detail is tremendous, even better than on the old television which was also high-def, but not 1080p. It's better than the movies!

(And the seats are more comfortable, too—<g>—even if I do have to have a heating pad on my shoulder.)

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