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» Friday, April 04, 2008
Waiting for Fence-ot
The fence folks phoned at eight this morning saying they would be here around lunchtime. Since it was still grey and damp, and rain was expected this afternoon, I was a bit perplexed, but we had been told this might happen.

I'd been planning to go out and look at glasses today, because mine are really causing me a lot of headaches, but instead I caught a bit of a snooze, then ran to the Food Depot/Dollar General for a few things we needed and came home to wait. It would be a perfect time to work on some craft projects I had been procrastinating on. One is a gift, so I can't mention it here, since the person it is for reads this blog. :-)

The other is a piece of wood that is about the size of a gold ingot. Good thing, too, since I painted it the gold of an ingot (not that brassy gold). Gave it two coats and after the second sprinkled some gold glitter on top, and I have just finished gluing tiny wooden figures painted like gingerbread men on it. This will be the stand for the little gingerbread tree and gingerbread people I have for the kitchen at Christmastime.

I'm also washing clothes, but looking at my watch a lot. I called the supervisor at 1 p.m. and he assured me they would be coming. They had a small job this morning and were coming here this afternoon.