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» Sunday, April 20, 2008
Report from Unicoi, Part 6
Last night was fun! A dozen of us (actually twelve and a half due to little Alex) got together to go to supper at the lodge. They put tables together for us (many years ago the management didn't like that and was peeved when we put them together ourselves) and we chatted our way through our meal. Then it was back to B building for more talk. I finished Flapper amongst at least half a dozen other people also reading books or newspapers or working on laptops just in time for a new game of Chronology. We played three games with many asides—not to mention arguing among ourselves about the dates on the cards being incorrect! (There is at least one incorrect card: it says Sally Ride was the first women in space. Untrue: Valentina Tereshkova was. It did not say "first American.")

Some folks wandered off to bed after this, it being about one in the morning, but the game few of us left remained chatting until we couldn't keep our eyes open anymore; I think we got in bed about two.

Now we're packing up and headed for breakfast and I'm signing off.

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