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» Saturday, April 19, 2008
Report from Unicoi, Part 4
We had a nice evening despite my fit of anger at the laptop. :-) I read for a bit (I have just started a fascinating social history of the 1920s, Flapper), listening in on conversations around me that ranged from government spending to a lot of computer neep to the kids raising ned as they ran around the common area. This year a whole new generation of kids are the little ones, with the older kids riding herd on them. They won't have the fun of bouncing up and down on the built-in sofa seats in the sunken area near the fireplace since they have been removed and big armchairs substituted.

They are redoing the lodge and to our delight the beds have been replaced. So perhaps maybe next year we will come up on a Thursday, too, if that opportunity presents itself.

Also played a game of Chronology. Caran was going to "sit the game out" because she didn't know how to play, but we instructed her—and of course she won. :-)

Sadly, I slept very badly, and finally gave up a little after nine (we had probably gone to bed about 2:30) and we all had breakfast up at the lodge; they gave us the little meeting room. I got some pictures of the Baskin girls playing with the newest member of the flock, Jeffrey Alexander "Alex" Bateman, as well as a cute photo of the little guy himself.

After breakfast we were off to Toccoa, but that's another story...