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» Friday, April 18, 2008
Report from Unicoi, Part 2
We freshened up a bit and went into town for a walk. We stayed on the shady side of the street since the sun had already done a number on us: James takes two medications that say he should stay out of the sun and I haven't been able to tolerate sun since the radioactive iodine treatment 18 years ago. I usually buy myself a once-a-year treat, dark chocolate almond bark, but it is nearly $10 for a half pound. Just isn't practical anymore. We did have our dessert before our dinner (ice cream) and also went down to Nora Mill to buy James some gravy mix. It was so warm they had all the doors open and a nice breeze was coming off the river. Two men were fishing just out of the influence of the falls that run the mill, several yards from the millrace. The wheel was running today and making a great chugging noise as you walked through. This is a neat place to visit because the sales shelves are made in part from antique shelving units. Not sure what held what when, but they are beautiful medium-stain woods with drawers below and shelving above.

We also walked down to the old Christmas shop since it looked like it might be open again. For a while a Christmas shop was on one of the side roads, but then that closed, too. Well, it apparently is reopening, but not until weekends in May. I pressed my nose against the window like a kid at a closed toy shop, since they stock German pyramids.

When we came back we were hoping to have dinner with friends, but James was starting to crash, so we went across to the lodge restaurant, which was mainly a fish buffet tonight, some type of fish and fried shrimp, and also barbecue ribs. I didn't eat a lot; really shouldn't eat fried stuff and this was more breading and less shrimp. The ribs are really good, but I only allowed myself two since too many will make me sick. Did have au gratin potatoes and tried the clam chowder, but they put some sort of strong-tasting herb in it that made it inedible. I could have eaten it, but it would have given me indigestion all night.

So by the time we got back everyone was out to dinner. We put on cooler clothes and are now sitting in the empty common room catching up on our computing. The wi-fi is better than last year; I can actually get a 68-75 percent signal sitting near the windows. Last year I had to go out into the courtyard to get any sort of signal at all.

(Meanwhile I am still worried about Schuyler. When I called to see how she was doing on her first "campout" they said she had not had her physical yet. Aieeee! And I was thinking it was all over and she could relax.)

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