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» Tuesday, April 01, 2008
Literary Disappointment
The day started badly: I realized I'd forgotten to take a new box of oatmeal with me this morning and also had forgotten the "spots" for the place where my glasses are pinching my nose. Luckily, there was a remaining packet of oatmeal buried in the tray where I keep Cup-O-Soup, but alas, no "spots" could be found, so that the bridge of my nose was in increasing pain as the day went on and when I finally arrived home, was as red as a strawberry.

A coupon for 40 percent off one book and $5 in Borders Bucks had popped up in my e-mail this morning, so I took these and my Preferred Reader coupons to the Parkway Pointe Borders hoping America 1908 was still there. However, the one copy had been purchased, and there was no copy at the other close Borders on the East-West Connector. East Cobb had one,, not all that way, especially not at rush hour.

I did stop at Waldenbooks at Cumberland Mall with forlorn hope, but, as expected, nothing there but a lot of face-front books, mostly bestsellers. Yawn. How sad it looks. This is not the original Cumberland Waldenbooks, but a smaller store in which they moved into a year or two back. I think the W.T. Smith at the airport has more books. I didn't see anything else I really wanted, either, and with a pile of unread books at home, wasn't going to buy something just to use a coupon. So home I came to walk the dog and roast some chicken drumsticks for supper.

It would have been nice, with the doors wide open, to listen to the crickets and tree frogs that have emerged with the low 70s temps tonight, but one of our "neighbors" (I use the term loosely) back in the trailer park has chosen to demonstrate what a neat bass boost they have on their stereo.

(Speaking of the season, I came outside for lunch at 12:30 to find my car finely sprinkled with yellow pollen. Four hours later when I left, it was mottled with the stuff, in great spots and splotches like a leopard.)

Welcome to the Atlanta Pollen Festival!
Please hold your breath.

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