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» Monday, April 07, 2008
Fencing Mistress
The main fence story is going into Autumn Hollow, but they are here (arrived about ten) and working busily while Willow woofs in the background (at least she isn't barking any more).

I'm glad they were able to come back so quickly. Friday night it was warm, so we had all the windows open as well as the door to the deck. Suddenly Willow set up this almighty racket and when I turned the light on in the back to see what was bothering her (I thought the squirrel had gone nuts and was on the deck in the dark), there was a guy in our backyard! He said he was looking for his dog. As I have seen a dog of the description he gave occasionally loose in the neighborhood, I was mostly inclined to believe him, but you never know. We learned at the association meeting that Kristy's house wasn't the only one that has been broken into in the past year, and it's mostly from kids cutting through the back yards (they pinpointed a couple of them as coming from the townhouses across the street).

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