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» Saturday, March 22, 2008
Swiftly Shipping Stuff
Zowie! I figured since we will be getting the fence soon, if I wanted to put in a largish Amazon order, I'd better do it now. I really wanted to order because I found the most incredible deal: Amazon has each volume of the 3-volume oversize hardback new edition annotated Sherlock Holmes on sale for $8 each. (Two volumes are the short stories and the other is the novels. The entire set sells in Borders for $120.) I love Sherlock Holmes and I love annotated books. A natural. I also found a couple of things for James I couldn't pass up; I saw the preview for one of them and was absolutely in love. I'll probably give them to him when they arrive rather than waiting for his birthday, 'cause I want to check 'em out, too.

Anyway, the one thing I was looking for on Amazon was a second battery for my camera. I'd looked at one when I bought the camera: $50. Wow. Hoped it would be cheaper at Fry's. Yow!: $70! You gotta be kidding. I thought of going to Batteries Plus, but since I was ordering from Amazon checked them first. Much better: $30. Then I saw the link below it. There was a generic battery for half the price, and it looked identical, except it was labeled "Battery Pack" rather than "Sony."

Anyway, I ordered it Wednesday. It ships from another seller who is an Amazon associate and I received it today. Double wow. It's charging now.

It's possible it's not quite as good and doesn't hold a charge for as long, but for $15 it was worth a shot.

I also looked into getting a copy of QBVII from a Amazon Marketplace seller and found one for a very reasonable price, considering when it was released it was about $50 and Amazon now sells it for $25. That was also ordered Wednesday and also arrived today. It is still shrink wrapped with original seal.

Everything else in my order has already shipped and should arrive Tuesday, except for the spare camera battery charger. I actually didn't need this, but noticed it came with a D/C car adapter and a plug to convert it to European voltage, for only $11. This will take longer to come, but, as I said, I don't need it immediately.

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