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» Saturday, March 08, 2008
The Surgeon and the Cheerleader
Well, we are back from Fry's. The flurries stopped by the time we were halfway there and gradually the clouds pulled back revealing a perfect blue winter's sky, at least for today. (Tomorrow the temp goes up and the color goes down.) The wind is still quite brisk and has blown all our plastic lawn chairs upside down.

James said I needed something with two IDE ports because I have two optical drives and an IDE hard drive, but he was limited on choices to a cheaper Celeron drive and a $139 drive. The alternative was to have to buy me yet another hard drive, a SATA drive, and start all that loading nonsense again. Then the salesman told him they had SATA to IDE converter cards. So we were able to get a bundle of motherboard/processor/2GB of memory, plus the converter card. They don't make motherboards with AGP video slots anymore, so I also had to buy a video card, but I found one with a rebate. There is also a rebate on the memory. I also bought a new wireless mouse and bought James a tiny USB hub (he has 1.1 and needed 2.0).

We came home via Kroger and the hobby shop and now he is doing heart surgery on my computer whilst I cheer him on.

Oh, I was finally able to get one photo, not sure of the quality, when that red-headed woodpecker came to the suet feeder this afternoon. I was lining up for a better shot when the battery on my camera died. I was looking at the prices of them at Fry's and nearly had heart failure. They are cheaper at Office Depot! James says we need to look at Batteries Plus first, and I will check online. It will be good to have a spare battery, especially for DragonCon.

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