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» Saturday, March 15, 2008
Stormy Weather
After being awoken constantly last night by the weather radio screeching, thunder, and Willow barking, we finally arose to find another bank of storms of the same magnitude heading for us. We checked the radar and decided to try to do our errands before the time the storms were supposed to hit, 1 p.m.

The sky became darker and lower and by the time we hit the hobby shop at 12:30 the tornado sirens were wailing. Rusty put on the television—WXIA was reporting on the storm all afternoon—and the weather seemed to be going north of us, so we finished the rest of our errands, keeping a careful eye on the sky as we did.

The tornado sirens went off twice more after we got home, and the sky went from dark to sunny to dark again. Again, the bulk of the storms went west and east and the footage coming in was sobering: barns blown down, roofs ripped off, cars crushed. Only two deaths were reported, thank God. By the time we went out for supper it was clear and sunny, as if all had been washed clean.

We had supper at Fresh2Order: I had the pork and James had the chicken special; we both had wheat berry rice on the side. I have not had a bad menu item at this place. We also went to Radio Shack to get some cables to connect my stereo with my computer. I am hoping at some point to transfer some records to .mp3 format.

Incidentally James finished fixing up my computer today. We noticed last week that the motherboard had no parallel printer port and we have (um, I guess "had" is the operative word) a parallel printer. So one of the things we did this morning was to buy a parallel port. But when he installed it, it didn't work, even after working all the troubleshooting protocol. Anyway, I had noticed when we were looking for the switch to turn it off that it also had a USB port. Voilà: that worked. Bless USB, it does everything.

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