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» Saturday, March 15, 2008
The Sound and the Fury
We made it home last night before the looming thundercloud we had seen coming out of Oriental Cafe. We were safely in the house when the thunder crashed and Willow started wandering between us, nervously whining. For about a minute hail clattered on the deck and the chimney cap, then it was a hard rain. There was more thunder, the satellite signal blanked for a few minutes, and very soon the storm went over.

When we got home, the channel we had left on for Schuyler was playing a basketball game. We never changed it: James was trying something on his EEPC, and I was redesigning a web page, so we were totally oblivious. I think I saw a Georgia Tech logo, that's about all. Finally James got done with his project and said, "I'm sick of basketball," and he changed to the news.

Holy cow! The same cell that had rumbled by our way had completely trashed downtown Atlanta, only about 21 miles south and east of us. We watched with open mouths at people reporting holes in the side of the Georgia Dome and a woman who lived near Centennial Park talking about a "whirling wind," debris scattered on the street in front of CNN center and water pouring down the stairs inside the Georgia World Congress Center!

According to the following, they have confirmed it was a tornado.

Storms Stagger Atlanta