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» Monday, March 31, 2008
Sadly HDMI-less
Busy day: got the down payment on the fence taken care of, did some bank business. Gregg called at 8:30 saying someone would be here between noon and three. They came at one, set up the television and, with a great deal of difficulty and a scratch on the foyer floor, they got the old television out. They had not been warned there would be a large item to transport.

Everything was set up fine, until I tried to find a place for the satellite box. It could not go up on the television as previously. I tried to put it on the entertainment center, since there was now a great deal of room, but it looked funny there and it was causing interference. So I prepared to put it back on the floor where it had been set up originally—and the HDMI signal quit. Both connections were tight. The satellite box was on. Puzzled, I turned the box "face" down and the signal came on briefly, then died again for good.

Right now the television is connected to the satellite box with component video cables. We went out and bought a second HDMI cable just in case the first had failed, and we tried the new one on all three HDMI outlets. We don't think it could be possible that all three HDMI outlets on a new television failed, and that two cables failed as well. I can only guess that it is the HDMI connection on the satellite box.

Dish is coming Wednesday to install a DVR (we get one for the same price as the box we have now, so we figured we'd get in on it), so we will see what happens.