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» Saturday, March 29, 2008
Rain and Reception
It has continued raining all evening, to the joy of Lake Lanier, and has given me a stinking sinus headache. I also was hungry about 9 p.m. and, not wanting to scarf down anything fattening or heavy, had a bit of the salad that I bought yesterday and which was calling my name. With my digestion, even with a Prilosec, bad choice. But boy, was it good salad: combination of frisée, baby greens, and slivered almonds. Yum.

The television is...still dead. James said one of the sounds it usually makes is deeper in tone and lower in volume. Sounds the same to me. After QB VII I put on a couple of chapters of "The Adventures of Rex and Rinty" serial from the Rin Tin Tin DVD set. Reminds me of watching early 1960s television. Then I settled down with Buckingham Palace Gardens by Anne Perry, which I fetched from the library this afternoon. I finally had to close the windows because it got so chilly, barring out the clanging of the water running down the gutters.

We have just had the plain "TV" on to watch the news and I am aghast at the picture: it's good! We've never gotten good reception via antenna on this television, in our present spare room or in the older one. It wasn't getting good reception near the computer, either, but turned around and near the fireplace, the reception is practically perfect. Odd.

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