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» Sunday, March 02, 2008
New Broom = More Work
Since I stupidly forgot the JoAnn coupons yesterday and I didn't want us to have to go back out to Town Center, I thought I would get up promptly and go this morning. James was already at work when I rose—and discovered the two 50 percent off coupons expired yesterday. Ooops. It was a bit providential because I woke up coughing (the pollen count is already high) and didn't feel like going anyway.

Instead I went to BJ's to fill up the car (aieeee! $40!), then stopped at Kroger to get a paper and fresh buns for my lunch sandwich. I also bought some salami for work lunches and some baby greens for my lunch today. I started to pull in the garage and then realized I had wanted to sweep it out. So I did so, but it was a bit more difficult than expected, since the push broom bristles were nearly flat from being rested on all winter, and the garage broom, several years old, was pretty tatty. So when I finished I went to Dollar General for a new broom. (I hung the push broom up in hopes that it will help, but I doubt it. DG doesn't have push brooms, so we'll have to get a new one elsewhere.) Bought Easter cards while I was there.

I used the new broom to sweep the deck, and then took all the winter decorations off the porch and swept the porch and the front stairs. Since Scott won't come for another month, I also sprayed some Ortho in the corners on the porch. I had to fix the spring door wreath since it was damaged in the fall of the boxes in the closet, so it was several minutes working with my cutting pliers and the ubiquitous floral wire.

It's already 70°F so all the spring things seem appropriate. I'll tackle the inside later, or tomorrow, or Friday, whenever. Always worried about working out in the sun, even with my hat on; my heart thumps so hard and loud after I've been in the sunshine.

Ate my salad, sprinkled with some nice slivered almonds and three Fig Newtons as a chaser, while watching Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea on the Fox Movie Channel. Not sure I'm going to keep watching it—might be better to watch a film James doesn't like—but do like this movie.

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