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» Wednesday, March 12, 2008
A Literary Lunch
I had lunch "on the fly," so to speak, because one of my interlibrary loan books was due today—you must hand ILLs directly to the librarian; no going to the book drop—so since I was finished with all four I took them all back.

I was nearly distracted in the biography aisle: Johnny Weissmuller and Beatrix Potter definitely caught my eye. But I had seen a box on the porch as I drove off, so I headed back home to find that my eBay purchase had arrived...yay! I bought three DVDS: Good Night and Good Luck, about Edward R. Murrow; Hollywoodland, a story about the mystery of George Reeves; a volume of episodes from television's Roy Rogers Show; plus the second season DVD set of Sergeant Preston of the Yukon. I also bought three books: A Pictorial History of Radio, which I had long drooled over in a used bookstore well known for its excessive pricing (despite that, I loved the was replaced by a Whole Foods, which was not a fair trade at all); The Encyclopedia of American Radio, which I long drooled over in Waldenbooks (back when I still went to Waldenbooks); and The Penguin TV Companion, which can be sorta described as a British version of Tim Brooks and Earle Marsh's Complete Directory to Prime-Time Network and Cable TV Shows. Wish there weren't so many American shows in it, but I will enjoy reading the British descriptions of our things that float across "the pond."

And also in the mail were a new Plow and Hearth catalog and the April "Country Living." A good haul from the postman today. Thanks, Ivan!!!!!!

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