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» Saturday, March 01, 2008
Lambie Pie
Been a quiet weekend and James has to go to work tomorrow.

We did have a nice day today: breezy March, which came in like a lamb, and so appropriate to later. We drove out to Trader Joe's and got a few things, including their wonderful chicken sausage and Thai soy ginger carrots. We made a brief stop at Borders, where I found a gift for a friend and something on the remainder stack called The Religion Book.

We stopped at the hobby shop, of course, and James bought the new Airfix Doctor Who kit: you get the TARDIS, the Doctor, and Martha. The TARDIS makes its "wheezing like a grampus" sound and the light on top blinks when you open the doors. Pic here.

We came home to put our perishables up in the fridge and then continue our ongoing battle against the squirrels. On the way to the hobby shop we had stopped at Wild Birds Unlimited and got a small, galvanized steel can (looks like a mini-trash can) to keep the birdseed in. Let's see Mr. Squirrel try to chew through that. I also bought a suet cake container that has a smaller mesh so the squirrel can't get his paw in between. We can then start getting regular suet cakes rather than the hot pepper ones. We may have to get a baffle for the new feeder, since it is showing squirrel teethmarks at the top.

(Hm. I just thought...hope the bigger woodpecker can get his beak in...)

Anyway, we refilled the feeder and then just stood back against the wall. I whistled like I always do when I fill the feeder, trying for a conditioned response, and sure enough those brave little brown-headed nuthatches appeared, grabbing seeds and pecking them apart with us standing there!

For supper we went to Fresh to Order again and had bourbon steak with the mashed sweet potatoes and braised baby greens. I love the latter, but wasn't crazy about these—too greasy. We then walked off our supper across the mall and just for the heck of it we stopped at Bath and Body Works...and they had more "lambies." They were selling these on Black Friday, but by the time I got to B&BW they were sold out. They come in a tiny size and a miniature size, too, but I got the full-sized lambie which is a pillow with lavender in it which supposed to relax you, especially if you are stressed or have a bad headache.

And speaking of Martha, there she is on Torchwood tonight...

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