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» Saturday, March 29, 2008
"Houston, We Have a Problem..."
James was off to work this morning and I was off in search of toothbrushes. :-) There's a certain type of Colgate brush we both like which aren't sold in the regular markets any longer, but the Dollar Tree in Acworth has them. I particularly like this Dollar Tree: it is clean, neat, and well stocked with a variety of products, some brand-name. So I stopped there for a supply, did a nip-in at Books-a-Million just for a look, then stopped at WalMart for the usual supplies (yogurt and all that). There was a group of teens in the Acworth WalMart playing brass and woodwind instruments, to the amusement of the shoppers.

As I left the house it had been hazy, but pleasant, but about halfway to Acworth the sky lowered a bit and the breeze freshened. It brought back memories of leaving a warm spring afternoon and driving a little closer to the seashore, where it was cooler and a bit misty. However, the sky simply stayed low during my journey and I was able to make it back past BJs for gasoline before the rain began to spatter and thunder rumbled gently in the distance.

However, it held off. I arrived home to find our new lawn mowing service had arrived (our other gentleman moved to South Carolina). Willow was bristling at the "invaders" on the property and Schuyler fairly wide-eyed at the loud noises coming from the yard.

I noticed when I came upstairs that there was no picture on the television. This happens occasionally: I come home and the satellite box is off, and I have to unplug it and allow it to "reboot."

Except it was the television that was off, not the satellite box.

Remote didn't work. Button on television didn't work.


On the side chance that the television needed to be "rebooted," I unplugged it, then plugged it back in. I clicked the button on the television and the power clicked on. Ah! Then the usual hum when the picture comes on.

No picture. Then it...squeaked. That's the only way I can describe the sound. Then it clicked off.

And that's all it's done since two o'clock this afternoon.

Schuyler seemed quite upset by the quiet, so after several attempts to revive the television, I have pulled out the setup from the spare room that Mother used to use and we are watching the rest of QBVII while it pleasantly rains outside.

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