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» Sunday, March 16, 2008
Hit'n'Run Shopping
We managed to make it to WallyWorld by 10:30 a.m. and got directly through the lines...hurrah! They also had the small whole-wheat low-carb tortillas, which is one of the things we go there for, and we restocked on the Blue Bunny sugarless ice cream bars. Only WalMart and Food Depot have them and WalMart is the only one that carries the chocolate ones. Since it hadn't hit 50°F yet, we stuck the ice cream in one of our insulated bags and zipped to Costco. I think we have found the ideal time to go: at 11:00 a.m! All the samples were out, which was good since James had not had breakfast and seemed on the verge of a crash, with none of the crowds. I love having lunch at Costco. We had spinach Parmesan dip on chips, Irish butter on crusty bread, lobster spread on crackers, cheese on whole wheat crackers, some other cheese samples, dried berries, fresh-baked Nestles mini chocolate-chip cookies, chocolate-covered raisins, and mini cream-puffs. Better menu than McDonald's, I'll tell you. :-)

Plus I bought some lobster spread for Hair Day.

Incidentally, in the $5 DVD bin at WalMart I found two treats: a bunch of episodes of The Jack Benny Show and some other shows with Jack Benny appearances, and a set of four Rin-Tin-Tin serials from the 1930s. (I wish someone had the silents! The "Rinty" in the 1930s films is Rin-Tin-Tin Jr, I believe; I would like to see the original dog who was rescued from the battlefields of France during World War I and who only appeared in the silents.) These are by Mill Hill or Mill Valley or something like that. No idea of the quality, but I suppose at $5 a pop you get what you pay for. LOL.

And then home for a jolly scrubbing out of the bathroom.

Not! :-)

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