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» Sunday, March 30, 2008
Have TV—Won't Travel
We spent three hours going from store to store to store comparing pictures and prices: Best Buy to Circuit City to Costco to Sears to H.H.Gregg, then came home and looked up prices at Fry's and Brandsmart, along with doing other research. We had our final choices with the "S" brands: Sony, Sharp, and Samsung. There was a Sharp we really liked and a friend had recommended a Sharp for the refresh rate (hi, Rodney), but we were blown away by the picture on the Samsung—H.H.Gregg had a segment of The Wild endlessly looping and we were spending time picking out the textures on everything, and the colors were sharp and the blacks good—and the refresh rate was only one millisecond slower than the Sharp.

H.H.Gregg had the one we liked best $200 cheaper than everyone else, so we bought it. We could have brought it home with us, but there's no way James could have gotten the other one, all 200+ pounds of it, off the stand and somewhere out of the way—and what would we have done with it then? Charities will only pick it up if it works. So H.H.Gregg is delivering tomorrow and will take the other away where it can be properly disposed of. And...the satellite box does have an HDMI slot. Cool.

Shiny! Samsung LN46A550 LCD

:-) Torchwood should look just fine on this. (I'd like a nice closeup of Ianto, thanks. <g>)

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