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» Saturday, March 08, 2008
I have woken resigned to the idea of new innards for my computer. I was having a tremendous lot of trouble working with it via Citrix Thursday; maybe the dying processor was the reason. James' computer works (worked) like quicksilver next to mine, which was slow to boot up even though the innards were fairly new. It's just the flurry of new ideas...just like the flurries outside!

Once again it was humid and sticky yesterday, despite being only in the 50s, and now the wind is waving the trees and there is a light veil of little flurries dancing around in the breeze. There is the thinnest of snow coatings on parts of the deck and in the yard under the trees. The weatherman thought last night that the snow would go north of us, but here it is pleasantly making hash of the spring landscape. I'd noticed yesterday that the Bradford pear trees were already starting to bloom. They look like giant snowballs when they are in full flower, so somehow the flurries are appropriate.

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