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» Wednesday, March 26, 2008
Farewell to the Fans for Awhile
I came out of work yesterday to find my car dusted with yellow pine pollen. This means no more fans in the window until the trees quit "shedding." If it gets warm, as it is supposed to, we will just have to pop the A/C on. I hate to waste the energy, but it's better than having that dust everywhere in the house and getting in our lungs.

I can tell the pollen is out in full force: my joints have been really aching since Saturday, and despite a Claritin nightly, I wake up stuffy and coughing.

The weather has been so funny this week, cold Monday and yesterday and going up to 77°F (!!!) on Friday, so they say. In fact, Monday I was returning to the building after lunch and there was a sharp north wind blowing, a cloud overhead, and a flurry of snow swirling around me as I walked from the car to the door! Monday they actually did get a frosting of snow up in Blairsville.