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» Friday, March 21, 2008
Easter Round the Corner
I had a nice sleep-in this morning, awakened by the fence company calling to arrange for a time to give me a quotation. I was hoping to get home before noon—in hindsight a forlorn hope—and grabbed a Slim Fast meal bar and left. I picked up a cucumber for Easter dinner salad and something else for dessert, among other things, at Kroger, then went on to the other WalMart on the East-West Connector, the one at Powder Springs Road. This one is much nicer, cleaner and has better checkout lines, but sometimes their stock is lacking.

This time I lucked out though, although I didn't find what I went there looking for. For the last few years I have been wearing a large-sized heavy-weight Electrical Eggs man's t-shirt as a sleepshirt (Electrical Eggs does handicapped access at science-fiction conventions); it's so big on me that it goes down to my knees and the short sleeves fall past my elbow. I wanted something a little lighter, so I got two short-sleeved ladies' nightshirts, one aqua-color in a print, the other gas-flame blue with a butterfly on it. I also bought more light bulbs (I've started a stash in anticipation of 2011) and found three little resin crosses for decoration down in the foyer. It's so hard to find Easter decorations that aren't bunnies/chicks/eggs.

At BJs I did the big purchase: yow. Of course I bought Easter dinner—we're having more lobster ravioli...yum—and a boneless pork roast that I had cut into 1/2 inch chops, plus other necessities like toilet paper and mandarin orange cups.

Mindful of the things in the insulated bags in the trunk of the car, I stopped at Borders on the way home and grabbed a book. When I got home I sat and had the rest of my cashew chicken for lunch and watched the Addie Mills story The Easter Promise.

Then a long spate of vacuuming and now I am eating an apple and blogging...

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