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» Sunday, March 02, 2008
DVD Viewing
Turned out I watched John-Boy get his book published in the fifth season finale of The Waltons (and sat there crying from when Mrs. Herbert told him her daughter had died), and then watched "Night of the Watery Death" and "Night of the Man-Eating House" (one of my favorite episodes) from second season of Wild Wild West. What a wet dream for guys those gals on WWW were!

I still like Artemus Gordon best.

When James came home from work we had pot lucks and watched Ratatouille, which we had never seen. A bit long, I thought, but very enjoyable and amusing, despite the thought of rats being in a restaurant was a bit much. (I noticed they emphasized how neat Remy was, and also "sterilized" the other rats when they helped in the restaurant kitchen.) As someone who once had a rat in her kitchen, not to mention once eating at a restaurant where I saw a rat run under a sideboard, this is a bit of a sore point. :-) "Corn Puppies," huh? LOL.

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