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» Saturday, March 08, 2008
Disaster as Always
Everything went together fine. Then he plugged it in. When it booted up it saw the optical drives but not the hard drive. He went into CMOS and tried to see if there was someplace where he was supposed to initiate the SATA drive or do something that made the IDE convert to SATA or whatever. The box for the card says clearly it's a SATA converter for an IDE drive. Should the computer be seeing it as IDE? Or SATA? Is it because the hard disk was already formatted for an IDE system and now it's trying to run SATA? Is there a difference to Windows?

He pulled out one of the optical drives and is now trying to cobble it up so the hard drive and the other optical drive will run off the one IDE. The cable is so short that he had to put the hard drive into the optical drive bay. It looks ridiculous. I wish these things came with better instructions. There didn't appear to be any jumpers you changed on the adapter card or on the motherboard to make the SATA components see the IDE hard drive, so what the dickens is wrong?