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» Friday, March 07, 2008
All on a Cloudy Friday
It had rained this morning and as I ran around doing errands the clouds were low, black and threatening, but aside from a rumble of thunder I thought I might have heard, not a drop fell from the sky, but the clouds made it nice to drive.

I was off to JoAnn this morning since they were having one of their coupon madness things. I needed a new storage box and also got some always necessary things: Scotch tape, iron-on patches, things like that. Then I nipped next door to Linens'n'Things hoping they finally had the fans out, but I was told not until the third week in March. Um, guys, this is Georgia. We already need them. We have the Vornado fans in our room; they are more expensive but the racket doesn't keep you awake at night like a regular fan. Mine died a few months back, probably from being on 24 hours a day most of the time, and possibly from being rained on.

Also bought some clamps in Office Max and looked around for a multi-card reader for James; I had gotten mine there for a reasonable price. I did find an MP3 player, one of the kind I like, the one that looks like a thumb drive, for only $20, but didn't buy it. Not sure if I want one.

I came home via the Avenue at West Cobb on Dallas Highway and finally found the new "Yankee" in Barnes & Noble. Checked their Linens'n'Things, no fans either, and nipped into Hallmark.

I came home via the Kroger at Battle Ridge although I was feeling like my cough was about to start up again; wanted to get the bananas and the yogurt out of the way. Guess what—not a banana in the store, and none of my yogurt either. Sigh. I did find a treat for supper and prepared it to marinate when I got home.

Hmn. Thought I heard thunder just now, but it turned out it was someone's radio.

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