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» Monday, February 11, 2008
Time Tripper
I am at the moment trying to keep cool. I was on my way into the building this morning when I had heart palpitations. Mildred from the second floor helped me to a seat in the break room and a combination of relaxing and taking an Atenolol made it go away. The pill's made me a bit fuzzy. Not sure what triggered it although I recall now that I did not take my Prilosec last night. But I did this morning.

Anyone remember the ABC Movie of the Week? If so, this will possibly make you nostalgic.

TV Party tells the story of the ABC Movie of the Week, including its famous slit-screen credits with the very 70s Peignot font (also used for The Mary Tyler Moore Show).

I have Marill's Movies Made for Television, but according to Amazon, there is a book out totally devoted to the ABC Movie of the Week.

Some of the more famous movies to come out of that series: Steven Spielberg's Duel, the Carl Kolchak films The Night Stalker and The Night Strangler (plus a herd of minor horror films like Crowhaven Farm and Satan's School for Girls that people still recall scaring the dickens out them as children/teens), and the award-winning Brian's Song.

Anyone remember these others?:
• Isn't It Shocking? with Alan Alda, Louise Lasser, Ruth Gordon and Edmond O'Brien, about murders in a small town.
• The Over the Hill Gang and The Over the Hill Gang Rides Again, vintage Western stars appearing in stories about elderly unslingers reuniting (Fred Astaire was in least one; Walter Brennan in both, or the first one).
• All My Darling Daughters and My Darling Daughters Anniversary, Dan Dailey and four (?) daughters who plan to get married on the same day.
• The Girls of Huntington House with Sissy Spacek and Pamela Sue Martin as two of the girls in a house for unwed mothers, with Shirley Jones as their English teacher.
• Crawlspace with Arthur Kennedy, Teresa Wright and Scott Jacoby, an elderly couple find a teenage boy living in their crawlspace.
• Wake Me When the War is Over, truly insipid WWII comedy with Ken Berry and Eva Gabor.
• But I Don't Want to Get Married, romantic comedy with Herschel Bernardi and Shirley Jones.
• Shirts/Skins in which a friendly basketball competition among male friends gets out of hand (McLean Stevenson was in it, and Doug McClure).
• Playmates, with McClure, Larry Hagman, Barbara Feldon, romantic story again (with a little spouse-swapping undercurrent).
• Two on the Run, Herschel Bernardi and Scott Jacoby as grandfather and grandson about to be separated by social workers.
• Seven in Darkness about seven blind people who are the only survivors of a plane crash (I seem to remember this was the first film they broadcast).
• Second Chances (seen on the YouTube clip), Brian Keith buys a ghost town and invites people to live there who are trying to start new lives.
• Say Goodbye, Maggie Cole, which I believe was Susan Hayward's final film; she played a doctor who is dying of cancer as Hayward was. Darren McGavin co starred and featured a theme song by Dusty Springfield.
• A Cold Night's Death (sometimes pops up on TV as The Zero Factor) with Robert Culp and Eli Wallach sent to an Arctic research facility to find out whey communications suddenly ceased.

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