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» Sunday, February 03, 2008
That Was Strange
James was just making my lunch for tomorrow when something fell downstairs; sounded like a shelf. Turned out to be down in the holiday closet; all the boxes of Easter/spring things, one maybe 24" long box and then two smaller "sweater" boxes on top and a shoebox with the St. Joseph's Day things in it, had fallen down. These boxes have always been pretty secure, but not totally, so I can't say it was a big surprise that they fell, but...why now? Since I put the Easter things away I have been in that closet innumerable times, for the Independence Day things, fall and Thanksgiving things, and then of course for all the Christmas decorations. I moved things right next to all those containers several times between the first Sunday of Advent to January 13, bounced the shelves several times—not a quiver or a teeter. When Kristi and Kelly had the tree taken down in their yard during the fall, the house shook but that stuff didn't fall, but it did tonight. Weird.